Where it Works

Repair Tiles on Bathroom and Kitchen Walls and Floors, Patios and Pools.

Our Tile Reglue Injection Method can be used on ALL building surfaces and ALL types of tile.

  • Repair Ceramic tiles in your bathroom or kitchen
  • Fix Marble tiles and Porcelain tiles
  • Reglueloose tiles like Slate, Terracotta and Natural Stone Tiles
  • Repair and Reglue Composite Tiles and Vitrified tiles.

Repair Wall Tiles

With our Tile Reglue Injection Method,you can repair loose wall tiles without all the hassle – you don’t have to remove tiles, remove shower screens, toilets or bathroom fittings.

Our Tile Reglue Injection Method works everywhere, for all tiled surfaces, and all loose tile repairs

  • Stabilise fragile , ‘peaked’ tiles, or ‘bowing’ tiles with a simple, clean, permanent operation
  • Eliminate costly re-waterproofing – you don’t interfere with the surface below
  • Eliminate removal of fittings – it can cause further damage

Repair Bathroom, Kitchen and Patio Floor Tiles

Our Tile Reglue Injection Method is the simplest, most effective, time saving method.

  • Refix loose floor tiles without removal or cleaning or damage
  • Suitable for floor traffic in a few hours
  • Used in heavy traffic areas such as commercial buildings and shopping centre tiles
  • Maintain occupancy during repairs
  • Dust-free and mess-free tile repair.
  • Internal floor tiles and external floor tiles.

Repair Pool Tiles, Patio Tiles and External Deck Tiles

Don’t rip up the whole tiled surface to repair a few tiles! Don’t even think of it – think of Tile Reglue Injection Method instead!

  • Flexible Injectabond super-adhesive absorbs further movement
  • Fraction of cost of tile replacement
  • Does not disturb pool shell/bedding
  • Stabilise and protect surrounding tiles from excessive movement.
  • Release pressure from peaked tiles and tenting tiles.

Call us now for a cost estimate to repair your loose tiles, patio floor tiles, pool tiles, external deck tiles, bathroom and kitchen walls loose & drummy tiles – Positive refixing without removal at a fraction of the cost!