How it Works

How to Fix and Repair Loose, Drummy, Broken & Chipped Tiles

Wondering how to fix loose tiles? T.R.I.M. utilizes the pressure injection of Injectabond adhesive beneath localised debonded floor, wall, internal and external tiles.

So Tile Repairs can be done without replacing tiles. Injectabond will reglue tiles at the point of delamination and provide a positive bond from substrate to tile.

Once cured, injected tiles provide a flexible bond to accommodate further building movement, tile growth and differential movement.

Injection access points and broken/cracked grouting are reinstated as part of the glue injection process. Localised tile injection limits stress to surrounding bonded tiles.

Peaked tiles, bowing tiles and tenting tiles are stabilised by cutting of pressure release movement joints to stressed areas.

Injectabond is Australian Standards tested and compliant with a 10 year manufacturers product warranty.

T.R.I.M. is supported by a 21 year successful track record and is recognised by Master Builders Assoc., Housing Industry Assoc. and government regulatory authorities.

21 years of Successful Refixing Loose Tiles in Bathrooms, Kitchens, Patios and Pools.

Tile Reglue Injection Method is a proven solution – we’ve been repairing loose tiles on floors, walls, patios and pools for 21 years – that’s why we can offer such a rock-solid guarantee. We can guarantee that Injectabond won’t let you down.

Technically speaking, the T.R.I.M. process reglues tiles at the point of delamination and provides a positive bond from substrate to tile. Peaked tiles, bowing tiles and tenting tiles are stabilised by cutting of pressure release movement joints to stressed areas. Surrounding loose tiles are then positively refixed in situ with T.R.I.M. – all in a few hours, without mess or the cost of broken tiles.

T.R.I.M. Injectabond is Australian Standards Tested and Compliant

Injectabond has been tested and is compliant with Australian Standards requirements. Our Injectabond adhesives are supported by our 10 year product guaranteeT.R.I.M. (Licensed Tile Renovators) has also been used as a preferred system by industry professionals – kitchen renovators and bathroom renovators, designers and builders.

Tile Reglue Injection Method is recognised by the Master Builders Association, the Housing Industry Association and Australian Government regulatory authorities.

Call us now for a cost estimate to repair your loose tiles with  tile reglue injection – Positive refixing without removal at a fraction of the cost!