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Tile Reglue Injection Method™ will positively refix debonded floor and wall tiles without removal.

‘Injectabond’ adhesive is delivered by pressurised glue injection beneath affected hollow tiles through adjoining grout joints.

T.R.I.M. is a low cost tile repair solution to permanently rebond tiles, in situ, without high cost tile removal and replacement.

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Fix Loose Floor Tiles? Repair Loose Kitchen Tiles? The Tile Reglue Injection Method will fix loose tiles in a snap!

Are your bathroom tiles loose? Are your patio tiles loose? Are your kitchen tiles sounding drummy or are the tiles raised? We can repair these failed tiles with our unique Tile Reglue Injection Method.

No mess, no fuss – we inject our special Injectabond glue under drummy floor tiles, loose wall tiles and lifting patio tiles. It’s clean, and the loose tiles are reglued and repaired in a short time.

It Saves Money! Compared to the cost of removing the tiles, the Tile Reglue Injection Method is cheap but provides a permanent tile repair. Fixing loose tiles normally means a lot of work – and a lot of money. But we can fix loose shower tiles, loose bathroom times and other tile problems, like lifting tiles and drummy tiles.

  • Repair loose kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles,
  • Repair loose pool tiles, patio tiles, loose pathway tiles
  • Repair bathroom wall tiles that are loose or ‘drummy’
  •  Injectabond 10 year product guarantee
  • FULL workmanship guarantee
  • Fast, efficient, clean way to fix loose tiles
  • And Inexpensive!

Fix Loose Bathroom Tiles and Kitchen Tiles, Living Area Tiles and Patio Tiles

Tile Reglue Injection Method will repair hollow floor tiles and falling wall tiles by injecting a super-strong Injectabond liquid glue UNDER the tiles – this proven technology glue dries to a flexible, permanent finish that you can walk on in hours

Traditional tile-repair methods are disruptive and costly. Complete tile replacement:

  • Is costly for total tile removal
  • Results in additional tile breakage and damage to walls, skirtings etc.
  • It takes too long, it’s messy and expensive

Tile Reglue Injection Method will securely repair any floor or wall tiles without mess or disruption – and our methods are recognised by Master Builders Association, the Housing Industry Association, and Government Authorities.

Loose Bathroom Tiles? Repair Kitchen Tiles? Then Reglue them with T.R.I.M

Repairing loose bathroom and kitchen tiles can be tricky –

  • If you find one loose tile, that means the tile adhesive has failed . And that means more will follow.
  • Lifting the tiles to repair always results in broken tiles.
  • Do you have extra, new tiles to replace the breakages?

The Tile Reglue Injection Method uses a super-strength Injectabond glue, which is injected and forced underneath all the loose tiles, creating completely new super-bond strength in the affected areas.

The Tile Reglue Injection Method is magic! You don’t have to remove loose tiles, or strip the old glue or refix waterproofing membranes … instead, the loose tiles are simply repaired in place. Suitable for use within hours.

Call us now for a cost estimate to reglue your loose tiles – Positive refixing without removal at a fraction of the cost of tile replacement!